Frequently asked questions

Following there are faqs helpful for you to undestand some of our e-commerce processes. Read them first, then if you are still not finding an aswer, contact our customer support.

How long does it take to get my order?

The shipping could take 4 to 5 working days. We process all the orders in two tranche: one at 10.00 and the second one at 16.00 (Rome GMT).

Is shipping time different for different region of the country?

Sure. That's why we provide 4/5 days for shipping. Sometimes for little region or town could take more.

How much is the shipping?

We have different shipping costs for different country. Check out our support page for more info

Which Payment Methods do you accept?

For International shipping, we provide only Paypal or credit cards payment method.

What if my payment goes wrong?

First check your balance on the credit card. Second check if the details you inserted on the form are correct. Third check if the payment has really been made on your bank account. If all the three process are correct, our platform will accept the payment. 100% Guaranteed.

I have problems to get my tracking number.

We provide tracking only to registered customers. We provide a status of the order as PLACED, PROCESSED, SHIPPED, IN TRANSIT, ARRIVED. For more info about the order you can contact our customer support.

Which carriers will ship my order?

They could be FedEx, Gls, Asienda, Bartolini, Clickandquick. We use different carriers, because we want to provide the best service at the lower price for our customers, so we reserve the right to change carrier at any time.

Could I change the order after being placed?

No. We simply automatize any process. So when the order is placed,in real time it is already being processed by our warehouse.

The site doesn't work as I want. What can I do?

Our site is always under control of our IT group, but there should be errors or sometimes the traffic on the site is so high that the platform could go out of service. If you have any problem or suggestion, write to customerATmulaccosmeticsDOTcom