Vegan false lashes for extra volume and an elongated look


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Freak of Nature are synthetic false lashes which give eyes extra volume and an elongated look. The lashes are divided into small sections that elongate from the inner to the outer corner. The way the lashes are divided and cut adds volume and length, ensuring a seducing gaze

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Subtitle Fake Eyelashes
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All the lashes in the range are CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN and made from faux mink fur which replicates the same sensory appeal and comfort of real fur, without causing harm to animals.

The Freak of Nature lashes complete your glam-golden or goth make-up created with the Life is a Circus palette, ensuring a gaze worth a standing ovation.


Take the lashes out of the box and measure their length based on your eyes. If necessary, trim the corners.Apply the glue. The Mulac false lash glue comes with a plastic applicator, which you can use alone or inserted into the top to take the right amount of product. Apply a thin layer of glue at the base of the lashes to preserve their shape. After about ten seconds, your lashes are ready to be applied to the base of your natural lashes. To optimize their shape, hold the false lash from it ends, bending them slightly with your fingers while you wait for the glue to dry a little bit. Once the false lash is positioned correctly on the eye, the glue will dry completely in about one minute. At that point, you can apply mascara (in small doses and preferably only at the base of your natural lashes) and finish off your make-up.

To make it easier to remove the lashes, use a cotton bud to apply micellar water at the base of the lashes and wait a few minutes for the glue to soften. Gently remove the false lash pulling from the outer corner and proceed with cleansing. The glue has a strong hold at the base of the false lashes; that’s why it is useful to apply a biphasic product with the help of a cotton bud before removing it. Manually remove the glue and clean the lashes using a mascara brush or an eyebrow comb. Proceed with your usual eye cleansing routine (we recommend a biphasic make-up remover).