Get Rich Quick

Palette composed of 4 powder highlighters: GLOWY BUNNY, FLEAKY DOLL, GET RICH QUICK, and TYPICAL VERVE


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Palette composed of 4 powder highlighters: 2 with a cool undertone i.e., GLOWY BUNNY (white) and FLEAKY DOLL (rose), and 2 with a neutral undertone i.e., GET RICH QUICK (golden) and TYPICAL VERVE (intense golden pink). The shades of these highlighters are particularly indicated for light to medium complexions with a warm or cool undertone. These highlighters have different textures. Two of them (Glowy Bunny and Typical Verve) have a lower percentage of pearls and a thinner texture to ensure a more natural result. The other two shades (Get Rich Quick and Fleaky Doll) have a much higher percentage of pearls and a more buttery texture for a more pronounced make-up look. Its 100% natural ingredients are another distinctive feature of this product.

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Subtitle Powder Highlighter Palette
Tonalità Groovy No
Tonalità Tasty No
Tonalità Wacky No
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Peso: 6 G/ OZ 0,21 cad. L'inci di ogni singola colorazione, è consultabile nella tabella di riferimento del singolo ombretto.

This palette is particularly indicated for light and medium-dark complexions with warm undertones. The soft texture and the high amount of pearls of these powder highlighters provide for a natural result. Add more layers for a more intense and radiant result. You can increase the radiance by pairing it with Skin Light cream highlighters or highlighters from the Skin Light I and Skin Light II palette. We recommend the following pairings between cream highlighters and powder highlighters from the Get Rich Quick palette: GLOWY BUNNY + FLASH = white highlighter FLEAKY DOLL + FLARE = rose highlighter GET RICH QUICK + SPARK = golden highlighter TYPICAL VERVE + GLEAM = golden pink highlighter