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KALI GENERAL DESCRIPTION Kali is a different goddess. One of the main forms of Shakti portrayed as a kind yet terrifying warrior. Kali is the image of all things different, just like the products of the new collection by Mulac Cosmetics. It represents a personality with the rational aspect of Shiva and the energetic aspect of Shakti. The section dedicated to Shiva includes basic natural make-up products, which are essential for a natural everyday look that enhances your features. The section dedicated to Shakti, on the other hand, is an explosion of creativity and represents the eccentric and fun world of make-up with strong, original colors and bright textures. This section is perfect for when you want to dare and play with new combinations, releasing the most creative side of your character. The SHIVA section includes: - the SHIVA eyeshadow palette - 4 lipsticks: SHER, NIPPLE, BOLLYWOOD, DUALITY - 2 eye pencils: SHIVA, SHE The SHAKTI section includes: - - the SHAKTI eyeshadow palette - 4 liquid lipsticks: KALA, MAHILA, GENIE IN A BOTTLE, PSYCHEDELIC - 2 lip pencils: SHAKTI, KALI NUDE Both sections also include a pair of NIRVANA false lashes Shiva and Shakti symbolize two opposites: one more natural and one eccentric. Two opposites that work only when together. One is nothing without the other. The union of Shiva and Shakti represents the concept of dualism: it is impossible to one thing if you haven’t experienced its opposite. The same concept that we find in the Mulac Cosmetics tagline: SHOW YOUR ART
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