MULAC is the first Italian company founded and led by a beauty influencer, Cindy. Once she had achieved the success with her makeup videos on the web, she felt the need to create her makeup products line. This is how MULAC was born, with the co-operation between innovative ideas of a young team and high qualified professionals in the production of natural, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics, hitting the online market in April 2014.

The initial aim of MULAC was to create a cosmetics brand able to match the highest quality of natural raw materials with outstanding performances, required by professionals of the sector.

Nowadays, MULAC is an Italian excellence in the cosmetics market, which has reached its goals and it is ready to explore new adventures with the same passion and determination that has always distinguished its founders.

The distinctiveness of MULAC's products hits everyone's heart. Versatility, innovation, and creativity are this company's values, which believes in the need of every woman to transform, express and add value to herself through makeup.

#SHOWYOURART is at the same time an invitation and a wish that MULAC addresses to each of its clients, with the hope that the freedom of being unique could be reached also trough the use of unconventional cosmetics.